Community Administrative Support Worker (CASW)

Los Angeles, CA 90045

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Position Description


Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) Human Resources Division is seeking temporary Community and Administrative Support Workers (CASW) to join the fast-paced and dynamic team at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The ideal candidate(s) are self-motivated, flexible, highly organized, and posses’ excellent communication and customer service skills.  

CASWs perform a variety of duties such as reception, photocopying, filing, advising citizens of services or programs available, data entry, typing, recordkeeping, delivery services, or other activities in support of LAWA based programs. 

  • Sophomore Standing in College or recent College Graduate
  • Ability to adapt to new environments and learn new skills
  • Possess good customer services skills
  • have 30 or more college credits completed with proof of completion
CASW is a part-time, exempt job classification. Candidates appointed into this classification will not gain civil service. CASWs are limited to 1039 hours or one year, whichever is sooner. No extensions will be granted nor re-hiring. CASWs receive no medical/dental benefits. 

CASWs qualify for compensated personal time off (CPTO) after working 500 hours and having six months of service (cannot have more than a 6 week continuous break in employment).  
CASWs must be available to work a minimum of 24 hours per week (Monday – Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM) . No opportunity for overtime will be available. 

Interested candidates please upload resume and proof of college credits showing 30 or more completed college credits ("unofficial" transcripts and screenshots of transcripts will be accepted)Proof of Covid-19 vaccination or religious/medical proof of exemption validated by the City of LA is required.  

If employment is said to be exempt, it is meant that the employment is exempted from the civil service provisions of the City Charter. In order to receive a regular civil service appointment, employees must have successfully participated in a civil service examination, received a high enough score on the examination to be placed on and receive an appointment from an eligible list, and they must serve a probationary period. Exempt employees do not compete in a civil service examination, they are not placed on an eligible list and receive an appointment from that list, nor do they serve a probationary period. As a result, exempt employees do not have what is referred to as a “property interest” in their job. Exempt employees serve at the will of the appointing authority and can be terminated at any time without cause. Employees with a property interest in their job, i.e. civil service employees, cannot be deprived of their employment (discharged or suspended) without due process.  

Exempt employees serve at the will of the appointing authority, and as such, they may be discharged, suspended or otherwise disciplined without cause. Exempt employees have no property interest in their employment, and any procedural benefit or other prerogative extended to them by their appointing authority is not intended to create and does not create any such property interest. No officer or employee of the City may make to any other officer or employee any representation of a property interest in employment which does not correspond to Charter provisions unless the City Council, by ordinance, permits such representation. No unauthorized representation can serve as the basis of an employee's reliance on, or expectation of, a property interest.  

There is no protective leave for an exempt employee appointed to a civil service position. Upon receiving a civil service appointment and passing probation, the former exempt employee will be subject to the Civil Service provisions described in Article X of the City Charter. Upon appointment, the civil service employee will begin to accrue displacement and layoff seniority on the first day of his/her civil service appointment and may file for promotional examinations for which s/he qualifies. A full or half-time exempt employee appointed to a full or half-time civil service position continues to: contribute to the Retirement System; accrue vacation time; accrue sick time; receive anniversary date salary increases; and, receive health and dental benefits identical to those received in the civil service position.  

Type: Part-time
Pay: $21.63 per HOUR